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VolcanoTrek's guestbook

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Total 783 visitors and 34 messages in this guestbook.
Last message was posted at 05/07/2018, 22:06:11, GMT +2

Now listing 34 messages

Ciao Roberto, 
Thanks fo the amazing tour we had today. We appreciated your thoughtfulness and flexibility, as well as the amazing amount you know about the volcano. It was such a great experience.

Date:   05/07/2018, 22:06:11, GMT +2
Name:   Elyse
Number:   34

Dear Roberto,
Thank you for a great day exploring Mount Etna in September. It was great to hear about all aspects of the formation of Etna and its surroundings and for you to share your knowledge. A fantastic day out.

Date:   22/09/2016, 09:10:43, GMT +2
Name:   Sue & Ian Moore
Number:   33


Ciao Roberto,
we had a fantastic day yesterday and this is thanks to you and the attention you gave us. You made sure all our questions were answered and offered us tons of knowledge. We now see volcanos really differently and want to know even more. Your passion is contagious !
Many thanks for bringing us on all those nice spots, each more surprising than the other. I can tell you my camera was also very happy at the end of the day.
This was a unique experience
Something tells us we'll meet again.
Olivier & Christine

Date:   27/04/2015, 09:31:14, GMT +1
Name:   Olivier & Christine Aubert
Number:   32

Dear Roberto
We'd like to thank you for taking us to the higher parts of Mount Etna and sharing your valuable knowledge with us. We really enjoyed your hospitality, kindness and all the informations you passed to us. Thanks for the hiking shoes - without them it wouldn't be possible for us to join on that wintery and cold day. We glad we booked the trip with you and are hoping to visit again in the summer.
Best Wishes
Iwona & Luis

Date:   31/12/2014, 11:03:43, GMT +1
Name:   Iwona
Number:   31


Dear Roberto, Thank you so much for the amazing tour of Etna on 10th April. It was fantastic. You gave us so much interesting information about the vulcano and the lava. We did take some interesting photos of a smoke ring that came from Etna, the next day, just a few hours before it erupted. Thanks again, we wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who would like to have a amazing tour of Etna.
Many regards, Matt, Carmen and Fleur


Date:   16/05/2013, 19:23:51, GMT +1
Name:   Carmen Gardner
Number:   30


Dear Roberto,
what an amazing afternoon we had with you touring around Mt. Etna. You gave us a great overview as well as deep insight into the whole subject of vulcanic geology. And at the end you took us, guided by your seismographic vibration app, closer to the peak to eventually see the eruption starting. No matter it took us almost into the night - it was just great. Thank you a lot, Ciao!


Date:   27/04/2013, 10:14:18, GMT +1
Name:   George & Elfi
Number:   29


Dear Roberto,
Just by speaking with you last night and the enormous information that you have on Mt Etna, I cannot begin to my journey into this giant Sicilian volcano and landscapes - much looking forward to meeting you and your team on this trip.
Best Wishes,


Date:   18/08/2011, 16:01:31, GMT +2
Name:   Rashmi Chand
Number:   27

Hi Roberto and Mariella
Thank you for showing Matthew and I such a fantastic time in Catana and up Mount Etna. Your knowledge of Etna and friendly manner made our journey one to be remembered. We have many fantastic photos to remind us of our Etna experience and wanted to thank you for making it so special. We have recommended to our friends and family to experience Mt Etna in all her glory with you. Thank you for your hospitality, kindness and guidance during our visit to Catana. It was a dream come true for both of us to climb Mt Etna and is a memerable experience to hold on to. Best Wishes Dianne and Matthew White


Date:   12/05/2010, 13:20:31, GMT +2
Name:   Dianne White
Number:   26

...complimenti Roberto! Non sapevo tutte queste cose sull'Etna...! Che meraviglia!!! ne è valsa la pena... Ci sono cose che non hanno prezzo.


Date:   14/12/2009, 20:05:58, GMT +2
Name:   Franco P.
Number:   25


Hi Roberto,

Hope you are doing fine. We want to thank You again for the 4x4wd excursion we had on 15.09.2009. The excursion was absolutely great and it was one of our best impressions of Sicily.

Greetings from Russia,
Michael and Natasha


Date:   11/11/2009, 16:12:53, GMT +2
Name:   Michael & Natasha
Number:   24

Hi Roberto,

Many thanks indeed for a superb day with you last week. Our big group (19) were delighted with all that you arranged, not least the lunch! You showed us all sorts of lava flows and features on the north and east sides of Etna, lava tunnels, the recent 2002 flows, and the Valle del Bove. The off road tracks were amazing. Everyone had a great experience. Hope to see you again.


Date:   28/09/2009, 16:17:58, GMT +2
Name:   Julian Hill and group
Number:   23

Roberto, Thank you for a wonderful day of volcano trekking!!! The sights are truly spectacular. Our children enjoyed every minute of the trip. It is hard for anyone who has never seen Mt Etna to understand its true beauty. What a wonderful plan God had for our planet. We would definitely recommend a full day to devote to Mt Etna when visiting Sicily. Again, thank you for your informative and friendly guided excursion.


Date:   21/04/2009, 18:17:04, GMT +2
Name:   David and Suzanne Degregorio
Number:   22

Hi Mariella and Roberto!!

We are now back in Spain and we wanted to say thank you for the great time that we had on Etna Mountain, it was the best moment of our fourteen day trip to Sicily. We enjoyed the Nature, the landscapes, the knowledgeable explanations, and the great time with such nice persons as you two.
We treasure the memory of that day, you made us love Etna mountain and we are looking forward to coming back for the next eruption! See you then. Ana & Miguel Angel


Date:   04/09/2008, 18:57:33, GMT +2
Name:   Ana and Miguel Angel
Number:   21

Loved the adventure!!!


Date:   06/05/2008, 01:34:24, GMT +2
Name:   Ale
Number:   20


Hi Roberto and Mariella,
Thank you for such a great experience, one that will stay with me and my family for a long time. Your knowledge and support were fantastic and we bought lots of the onions home!
We would recommend this trip to anyone!
See you again soon.


Date:   06/01/2008, 15:07:07, GMT +2
Name:   Lesley
Number:   19


Dear Roberto and Mariella,
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip. The Etna was full of snow and we had a wonderful time in in this winter wonderland.
Tamar Almor


Date:   25/12/2007, 16:42:45, GMT +2
Name:   Tamar Almor
Number:   18


Hi Roberto! 

I just wanted to know if you received the CD of pictures my family and I sent from our adventure on June 23rd?...i think it was the 23rd! 

Thanks again for such a fabulous experience!


ps. all the best for a great holiday, and a wonderful new year! 


Date:   04/12/2007, 08:02:17, GMT +2
Name:   Kelsey Floyd
Number:   17


We will always have happy memories of our day touring Etna with Roberto. We saw many exciting and amazing geologic features -- all explained clearly and enthusiastically by Roberto. We will recommend you to anyone we know who plans to travel to beautiful and friendly Sicily.

Bache Family, San Diego, California


Date:   27/11/2007, 21:22:15, GMT +2
Name:   Tom, Ann, & David Bache
Number:   16


Hi Roberto, Hi Mariella
Thanks for organising and showing us such a good time on Etna. It was a once-in-a lifetime excursion, full of interesting facts, surreal landscapes and a wonderful experiences. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in nature, or this lovely planet we call earth. Wishing you all the best, until the next eruption! Parsh
Date:   08/07/2007, 11:24:06, GMT +2
Name:   Parshes
Number:   15


Etre sur l'etna devait etre un moment hors du temps que rien ne devait pertuber, comme hors de ce monde. avoir choisi un tour prive fut vraiment ce que nous voulions, a notre rythme, avec des explications adaptees, un echange a la fois intellectuel, culturel et tres humain. Merci a Roberto et Mariella d'avoir participer a cette journee qui restera hors du temps.
grazie mille isabelle

Date:   08/07/2007, 11:18:38, GMT +2
Name:   isabelle cappannelli
Number:   14



Roberto e Mariella,

Desideriamo ringraziarvi per la bellissima escursione sull'Etna, per le spiegazioni precise e complete e per la simpatia. Ci siamo divertiti molto e abbiamo anche concretamente capito qualcosa dell'oggetto misterioso "vulcano". Un'esperienza straordinaria che ci ha contagiato di "vulcanite"!

Un grande abbraccio


Date:   21/05/2007, 19:31:34, GMT +2
Name:   Giovanni&Paola
Number:   13



Hi Roberto, sorry to take so long in getting in touch but wanted to tell you again how much we both enjoyed our day spent with you in February. You are so well informed and such a gentleman ,you took us to some awesome places yet we felt totally relaxed and safe the whole time.Thankyou and when Etna puts on one of her magnificent shows we hope to see you again.Lucie and Keron.

Date:   10/04/2007, 23:11:44, GMT +2
Name:   lucie and keron steele
Number:   12

Hi Mariella and Roberto
What a brilliant day we had with you on my 50th birthday trip. I could never have imagined how wonderful and beautiful Mount Etna could be even in the dreadful weather conditions that we all had to deal with that day. You made it such a special day for me - I can't decide which was the highlight of my day, but climbing the volcano rim wearing snow shoes with steep drops on either side or drinking sparkling wine at the caldera rim at sunset both feature very highly during that day. Thank you both so much once again for being so informative and so kind. I have so many good memories and will recommend you to everyone (it's worth every penny). We will be back for Brian's 50th in 2 years time. Looking forward to seeing you then.
Pauline and Brian

Date:   19/03/2007, 19:32:34, GMT +1
Name:   Pauline and Brian Pickles
Number:   11



Dear Roberto,
With this e-mail we want to thank you for the wonderfull day we have spent with you on the Etna. It was a great experience for us and the kids who were impressed by the beautiful nature and surroundings. In a few days we will send you some pictures of "Roberto in action" explaining about his passion and the splendid countryside and culture of Sicily.

We you have the chance to come to Belgium, do not hesitate to contact us !!!

Maarten, Ann, Tinne, Bram and Ward

Date:   22/02/2007, 14:45:46, GMT +1
Name:   Maarten De Moor
Number:   10


Roberto and Mariella

Thank you very much for spending my 50th Birthday with me and my family. Your Mums cake and the candles wer fantastic and showed how much you care for your clients and how you deliver a high standard of customer care. The goelogy was great. You could of rustled up some red stuff but hey we will have to come back when the mountain is putting on one of natures spectacular shows. Thanks again and hope to see you again soon.


Date:   21/02/2007, 19:28:46, GMT +1
Name:   Douglas Deacon
Number:   9


Hallo Mariella, hallo Roberto,
thank you for the wonderful days between christmas and the new year 2007. We had four special tours to all the sides of the Etna in the snow and it had been some very interesting hours with you.
You are more than a guide at the Etna. You find the way, to give informations, you find out, what I wish to see and to give more than your time. I think, now I have friends at sicilia. Hope, to see us again.

Date:   08/02/2007, 20:28:31, GMT +1
Name:   Franz Dürsch
Number:   8


thanks for everything you have done. Your team organized our stay in the best way. All the field trips were absolutely fantastic. Great geological stuff, delicious food, wines and... wonderful weather.

We will see us again !



Date:   08/01/2007, 23:02:55, GMT +1
Name:   Bert Francis
Number:   7


Dear Roberto,
We wish you a very happy New Year! In October we made an incredible trip on the Etna under your guidance, together with Fred Kamphues, photographer. Apart from the giant lava flow, a few metres from our feet, you showed us the creation of a new eruption, which we remember as one of the most powerful events in nature we have ever witnessed. It was a very special day, because of the fantastic views over the island and the Mediterrenean. We enjoyed your company and information. Also for Miriam as a runner -and both of us as skiers-, the super-fast-running descend in Etna's ash to Rifugio Sapienza invites for more... Certainly, we will come back to the Etna, to witness more of its beauty!
Thanks, Miriam & Quinten, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Date:   01/01/2007, 20:41:44, GMT +1
Name:   Miriam and Quinten
Number:   6


Dear Roberto,

We've got one of our finest holliday's together with you and Mirella. If someone needs a guide who is humoristic, who has a lot of knowledge, who's a fine person, who can tell and tell, who... we can say one adress : Roberto.
Hope we meet again.



Date:   23/12/2006, 19:38:08, GMT +1
Name:   danny
Number:   5


Siete fantastici !! Un ringraziamento in particolare va a Mariella per la sua estrema cortesia e disponibilità nell'organizzazione del nostro soggiorno. Saluti, "il gruppo scansonato".

Date:   22/12/2006, 10:52:46, GMT +1
Name:   Laura Righi
Number:   4


I would like to thank you for your support on our trip to the Etna,(group of 12 Belgiens, begin nov)
it was for us a new en very fine experience, many thanks and hope to visit some day again,
have e good live and hope to see you some day,



Date:   26/11/2006, 19:35:14, GMT +1
Name:   Mestdagh Jan
Number:   3


The trips to the October 2006 eruption sites were absolutely fantastic!
An unforgettable experience.
You can view some photos at:
I hope to see you again in 2007 for some additional tours.

Cordiali saluti,

Fred Kamphues


Date:   02/11/2006, 20:52:47, GMT +1
Name:   Fred Kamphues
Number:   2


Roberto vi ringrazio per avermi dato l'opportunità di visitare Grotta Intraleo, una delle tante e bellissime grotte di cui è disseminato il meraviglioso vulcano Etna. Ne sono rimasta entusiasta! E credo che sia un'esperienza irripetibile il poter entrare in contatto con un simile poter respirare e vivere (anche se solo per un giorno) la natura e la bellezza di questo vulcano! Non visitarlo e non approfittare di chi vi offre un tale servizio significa perdere un'opportunità che vi arricchirà sicuramente.

Date:   07/09/2006, 13:20:26, GMT +1
Name:   Delia Orsina
Number:   1


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