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The "Valle del Bove"

*** Adventure 
*** Educational value
Typology: Hike - Private Escorted Tour
Difficult: MODERATE
Duration: Full Day - 7 hours (8.30-15.30)
When:all year around
Price: see rates at the bottom page

Valle del Bove panoramic view - Etna Hike description
"Valle Del Bove" The Etna hike we'll reach the valley rim on the left and than will walk down to cross the dark 1991-1993 lava field.

Etna hike - The "Valle del Bove" Itinerary

"Valle Del Bove" caldera and its surrounding walls
Valle del Bove caldera from the top

Etna hike to the "Valle del Bove" is an adventure tour taking place inside the main Etna's caldera. This Etna trekking will show you a wondeful scenary and a moon landscape. It's one of the most exciting and educational excursions on Etna volcano.

Despite of the solitude and harshness of the place, you will be never alone walking in this volcanic landscape, the presence of the Etna volcano is everywhere around you:  in the intimate structure of the rocks and their morphologies so as in rumble of the main craters overlooking you from. It will overelm you. will It will be there  walking  inside its secret You will fill civilization miles away from you.

A geologist and guide of the VolcanoTrek's team will start the journey on Etna Sud with the ascent of the ridge of the Schiena dell'Asino. At its top, a magnificent scenery opens up before us, the Valle del Bove. A 5.5Km diameter amphitheatre-shaped depression in the eastern side of the Etna volcano cutting deep into its flanks and being open the seaward side. originated from the collapse of ancient volcanoes, whose walls reach in some points the 1000m of height. On the left the summit craters, and the scoria cones of the eruptions 2001 and 2002, up to the vision of the city of Taormina and the Calabrian coasts. Below us is a black sea of ​​solidified lava, emitted during the 1991-93 eruption and which covered the vast flat area of ​​the "Piano del Trifoglietto". With a steep descent we will descend towards the bottom of this natural basin, and then walk inside, skirting the walls and heading towards the valley. You will meet laves from the most diverse morphologies (rope, flat, guts, tumuli ect.) And the enormous thickness. After a short lunch, we will continue the path on the lava until we meet a path that through a beech forest, will take us back to a ridge and from there we will descend to one of the few water sources on the volcano. Do not miss, if required, the opportunity to visit one of the many lava flow caves (over 200) of Etna


On the Caldera's bottom

Geological and Nature Highlights:
Mti Silvestri | Frattura eruttiva dell’eruzione 1792 | Belvedere sulla Valle del Bove | Frattura eruttiva del 1991-93 | Attraversamento dei campi lavici 1991-93 l Lave a corde e bocche effimere | Dicchi | Eruzione 2001.

**Safety helmets and flash light are provided by VolcanoTrek.

Itinerary details


Geological Trekking




7 ore


5/6 Km


200 m

  • Tour is operated in English. For other languages, please contact us.

  • Participants should wear trekking shoes suitable for rugged terrain or jogging shoes at least, and a wind-proof jacket. A rucksack can be usefull, too.

  • This excursion is graded EASY (for all ages). However, weather conditions apply (strong winds, cold and snow, even in summer).

  • All participants must be in good health (no asthma, no respitory disorders, no heart problems, no blood pressure problems).

  • Period: Excursions are scheduled throughout the entire year


RATES for individuals and small groups



2 persons 3-4 persons 5 - 8 persons 9 - 15

Price per Person

195 Euro Eur 125  Eur 85

Eur 65

Eur 55





Price Includes:

  • Tour escorted by a qualified geologist/volcanologist from the VolcanoTrek Team and local tour guide

  • Equipment necessary for cave excursion (safety helmet + electric head light)

  • Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel or at any other location.

  • Food and drinks-Lunch Break(only having a full day tour) with delicius sicilian food and wine (Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Nero d'Avola or Etna). Please let us know your diet (vegetarian..)

  • Complimentary information booklet and CD

  • Full accommodation search assistance

Pricing Policy:

  • 30% discount for children under 10 years

  • Prices are in Euro and are subject to change

PAYMENT and BOOKING Travel Voucher

To book email: or fill our Booking Form
T: (39) 333 2096604

For every confirmed booking you will be required to print a voucher which is presented at the destination. You will receive a link to your voucher via email once your booking is confirmed.


Info & Booking

phone:+39 333 2096604

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